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Smart records group can move mountains for you

For almost 30 years, Smart Records Group has been going above and beyond to provide archiving solutions for our customers.

Whether you want to out-source you archiving, keep it on-site, DIY it or save some space; there’s a smart solution waiting for you.

Need More space?
Have some of ours

Outsourcing your document management with Smart Storage is the easiest way to give your business professional archiving while maintaining good access to your documents.

Store it,
Stack it, Smarter.

Need your records archived closer to home? Smart Stack is the most space efficient and ergonomic on-site archiving system available.

Designed to be shelf-free and immediately accessible, you’ll never have to lift a box again to access your files.


Archive Boxes Australia has produced premium archive boxes since 1999 with thousands of happy customers spread right across Australia.

If you need a box for your archive documents we’ve got something that will suit you.

SElf storage by the box

BoxIT has redefined Melbourne self storage. You won’t ever have to hire a self storage unit again, or drive half way across the city to store your stuff in a small space.

We deliver our boxes direct to your door, you pack them and only pay for the boxes you fill. We collect and store in our secure storage facility.